We help brands scale faster & more efficiently

Customized Acquisition Strategies Based on Your Brand’s Needs

Our clients are some of the fastest growing brands in the consumer space. From DNVB’s to Food & Beverage brands, we focus on one thing for our clients: GROWTH.

And it shows, our team has helped scale several, hundred million dollar brands that you probably use right this minute. The key to our success (and our client’s) is our custom Spark method that utilizes proven acquisition strategies and a dynamic technology stack blended with personalized tactics that are fully tailored to your business.

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Customized Acquisition Strategies Based on Your Brand’s Needs

We Target People Wherever They Are

The modern marketing ecosystem is fragmented. We simplify and focus our energies on three core services to ensure your brand reaches the right customers at the right time with the right message.

Partnership Marketing

Spark leverages extensive partnerships with large publishers, key shopping portals, apps, and even other brands to expand your brand’s reach and build it’s credibility via third-party validation. Our team’s utilizes the suite of tools from Impact to manage partnership programs for brands at any stage of growth.

Media Operations

Our approach to media is simple, focus spend on the platforms, vendors, and channels that work. Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Google, Podcasts, Connected TV, or Mobile. We know the right combination is different for every brand, but our process will layer the latest media-buying technology and apply learnings from proven campaigns to more quickly achieve success for your brand.

Amazon & Marketplace Management

Amazon will generate over 50% of online sales this year alone. We focus on three core areas of your marketplace strategy and accelerate your sales through these channels by Maximizing Exposure, Optimizing Conversions, and Streamlining Business Operations.

Why Work With Spark

Maximize Exposure

Reach more potential customers, more efficiently, with stronger brand messaging.

Optimize Conversions

We optimize every campaigns for conversions and look at a full-funnel approach to customer acquisition.

Enhance Retention

Our retention strategies work hand-in-hand with acquisition, increasing customer lifetime value.

Client Testimonials

Learn more about clients we've helped grow and how we can do the same for your brand.

Revenue Growth

Average client nearly doubles their avg monthly revenue

CAC Reduction

Average client sees a 35% drop in customer acquisition costs

Return Customer

Our clients see an average of 50% increase in return customers

We Focus on Brands & Customers
With a data-informed approach, our team optimizes quickly and drives results sooner.